To put a uniquely powerful biomedical graphics tool into the hands of practitioners, researchers, and educators.

To assist in the elimination of all disease.


Derek Scherer

Founder and Lead Dev

Derek has an inner world of technological optimism and aesthetic wonder, and he strives to make it reality.

His greatest engineering passion is 3D Interactive Graphics (3DIG / video game tech). His deepest principles are human flourishing and absolute personal sovereignty.

Corpusim is the application of 3DIG toward deep understanding - and thus command - of our own biology.

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Carl David Frailey, PhD

In-House Science Advisor

Carl’s deep understanding of anatomy and physiology and 30+ years teaching A&P to future doctors, nurses, and medical practitioners make him the ideal science advisor.

He is the author of 41 publications in vertebrate paleontology with 1,517 citations.

He took numerous zoological expeditions to the Amazon and is the discoverer of the largest crocodile in history.

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Julia Scherer

Outreach Manager

Julia Scherer excels at simplifying complex concepts, writing, organizing, and bringing new ideas to life. Harnessing and expanding her extensive network of contacts and professional experience as a fundraiser and teacher, she now redeploys her skill stack in service of Corpusim.

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