Open Source Software

Try it, customize it, and experience
every location in the body, at every size
in 3D interactive graphics.

About Corpusim

Playful exploration is the best way to gain intuition about complex systems. We are naturally attentive to a response after we provide a stimulus - no matter how complex the system is. Corpusim gives you such interactions with the complex, hierarchical structures of the human organism.

Corpusim lets you enter the body, go wherever, and do whatever, at any scale. In this way, it is a uniquely powerful biological simulator.

Corpusim is a public good by its legal license. We are building a world-class tool that will be forever available where and for whom it's needed.


3D Interactive Graphics

Pilot through a body at any scale and in any direction.

Observe and manipulate a world of continuous, limitless geometry that expresses the variability of nature.

Produce your own reference images and computer graphics animations as simply as taking screenshots.

Medical Databases

Incorporate the latest data from any laboratory that has a public interface - or use your own data.

Corpusim grows its simulation capability in step with the data it accesses.

Open Source

Open Source Software allows experts from around the world to collaborate freely.

We are expanding and improving the project to meet the needs of researchers and practioners now and into the future.


Virtual Reality is becoming the premier mode of direct interaction with 3D Graphics.

While we expect most work done on Corpusim to take place on desktop computers, VR development happens alongside every feature we implement.

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