A Flight Simulator
for the Human Body

- Interactive Biomedical Graphics
- An Extensible Platform
- For Medicine, Biology, and Education

About Corpusim

Corpusim is computer software that simulates the complete human organism. Every region. Every scale. It's the tool we're building to deep our understanding anatomy and physiology.

Playful exploration is the best way to gain intuition about complex systems. Corpusim gives you intuitive, instructive interactions with the complex, hierarchical structures of the human organism.


Trung Pham, MD, MBA

Physician, Assistant Professor

Corpusim will be a game changer for medical students, in-training physicians, scientists, and even general public population.

It will offer endless opportunity to grow and develop into something unimaginably bigger, broader, and deeper.

John Kastanis, MBA, LFACHE

Chief Executive Health Care Officer

Corpusim will undoubtedly become a further enhancement in the understanding and teaching of human anatomy & physiology.

It is uniquely poised for greater use in simulation labs because of its open invitation to all users to share their insights and new ideas.

Derek Harkleroad

Undergraduate Biology Student

Microscopes can only get you so far; Corpusim gets you right there, right in the action on the molecular level.

I am so glad there are people out there who want to make STEM more exciting, accessible and understandable for everyone. This project has that potential.


3D Interactive Graphics

Pilot through a body at any scale and in any direction.

Observe and manipulate a world of continuous, limitless geometry that expresses the variability of nature.

Produce your own reference images and computer graphics animations as simply as taking screenshots.

Medical Data and AI

Incorporate the latest data from any laboratory that has a public interface - or use your own data.

Corpusim is a natural fit for AI. Models trained off of biological data, including imagery, will lead to automatic generation of the geometry and color of the simulation.

Corpusim grows its simulation capability in step with the data and models that drive it.


Corpusim is build as an extensible platform. Our users from around the world collaborate without the limitations of cost and access.

Our community expanding and improving the project to meet the needs of researchers and practioners now and into the future.


Virtual Reality is becoming the premier mode of direct interaction with 3D Graphics.

While we expect most work done on Corpusim to take place on desktop computers, VR consideration happens alongside every feature we implement.

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