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Voxel and Domain Research


Real-time voxel manipulation is a key feature of Corpusim, and after successfully prototyping procedural tissues, we are engrossed in research toward that end. We're moving voxel processing onto the GPU.

We have also been researching methods of transitioning between different shrink levels. Unlike a standard Level of Detail (LOD) system, our transitions will be occurring in full view. We expect to use an established method as a starting point.

Our domain R&D is leading us to a subset of anatomical structures with shared geometric attributes. Physiology aside, we have found good opportunities for elegant proceduralism. More on that later...

First Software Release


All the source code developed so far has been publicly released!

Executable releases are available in Windows and Linux. The focus of this repo is research and prototyping of the core graphics tech used in Corpusim.

Website Launched


You're lookin' at it!

A lot has been going on behind the scenes, both in technical development and establishing an organizational foundation that will last.

This marks the beginning of the public-facing side of Corpusim.